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Optimized Self-awareness

At Datali our work is centered around optimizing strategies designed to fit. We use data that is often overlooked to compliment existing frameworks, or, to build completely new ones.
By using data in addition to an eclectic expertise of coaching, we can be innovative and reliable.


We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to remain engaged in a way that’s most effective. This is where flexibility becomes crucial.

We know that schedules can change and change often. We’re prepared to shift with you.
One of our primary goals will be to find a cadence within the schedules of your personal and professional life. And we’ll shift whenever it is necessary.

We’re committed to optimization without causing unnecessary friction in your existing calendars and without maxing out your bandwidth.

time concept clock closeup on whte background showing three and a half hour


Conventional coaching is often a one size fits all approach, often negating the unique attributes of a person’s psyche. Our coaching takes into consideration the myriad of factors at play.

We do this by uncovering what drives habits and behaviour and then tailoring solutions designed to be effective for you.

Effectiveness is not just about data, however, it’s also about speaking the language of each psyche. That’s where our expertise in human data analysis enters the picture.
We source many frameworks and decades of experience diving into them and work with your existing tool box of perspectives to support you in optimizing it.


One of our core principles is that of Kaizen, a loop of continual improvement. We stay effective by always putting our methods to the test and continually look at ways to improve and predict problems ahead of time.

We’re building a database of solutions that are easily matched to a set of criteria. Our goal is to optimize personal growth through evidence based identification and cataloging of personalized strategies and habits.

“Let’s try it once without the parachute.”

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