Heart-Led Purpose-Driven Data-Grounded

The better the data, the better the compounding effect of success.


12 months may seem like a long time. In the context of personal growth, it’s often not enough.

In order to bring about sustained permanent change, the work must be done at a foundational level. The first 12 months is where the most important work happens. During this period we discover core structures of your either your professional work, your emotional landscape, your psyche or anything else you choose to focus on.
This extraction of data is crucial to further work.


Following the first 12 months, we begin to put the data to the test. Think of this period as the experimentation phase. We’ve begun to understand the underlying causes of behaviour and results, and now we strategize impactful action.

We take action and go back to the data to see the interaction between them. We use a 5- step process to continually analyze and modify the strategies and habit-forming coaching that’s necessary to maximize effectiveness.


Habits are the backbone of output and output is what drives results.

Consistent output over longer stretches of time are vital to permanent change. A long-term approach is necessary to implement changes at core levels.

With a thorough understanding of the factors involved, and evidence-based strategies that work for you, we are prepared to take behavioural change to the next level. The longer you work towards something effectively, the more sustained the change.
Then, the power of data-driven compounding effect takes over.